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      Question sponsorship

      How do you go about getting SA sponsorship and what does this entail?

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      you can get South Australian state sponsor ship by applying online only at their web site http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au and following the links for skilled visa ect. at the moment they have suspended sponsorship because of visa changes but should start again very soon.

      the online application form is quite straight forward all your personnel details whos going with you, how much money you will bring, (you only need to show you can support yourself while you look for work), it asks what you have done to research job prospects and what you know about South Australia, (remember there is more to SA than Adelaide), you need to send your bank statements ect and house value/morgage statement if you have them.

      It takes a little time but sponsorship has been the easy bit by far of the whole visa process..

      good luck


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