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      Advice please, anyone?!!

      Hi there!

      I know this is an old question and I apologise for asking but I am so frustrated!! Anyway, my visa was sent 24th April, my meds/police checks went mid May. My meds were finialised 25th of June and since then I have heard NOTHING!!!! Is this normal? I keep reading of people getting case officers and I just don't seem to moving on. I have images of my forms having fallen behind the photocopier or been shreaded by mistake!! (getting very paranoid) So can anyone tell me what kind of time frame they experienced?
      By the way just got back from another reccie to Adelaide and finialised all my teacher stuff (courses etc) had a great trip and stayed with my good friends Libby (Libby 1971) and Bob in Sheidow park.

      I just want to go......really fed up with this!!!


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      This last bit is the worst - our meds were finalised 8th Dec last year and then we heard nothing at all til we got our visa on 12th Feb :o


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      Thanks Lisa! I see that you had about a 2 month wait between meds finialised and the go ahead. I'm just a little over that time now. I think that is by far the worst bit!! I can't really concentrate on work, home etc.....
      I'm planning on coming out to live just after Xmas so hopefully we can meet up at Libby's new lovely house in Reynella East ?!


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