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      Question Single wage.

      To all who are living in South Australia, can a family survive on one wage.

      OH is worried that he wouldn't be able to support us on one wage, he's a plumber and our youngest will be about 4 when we move. I'm hoping to find something part-time until she goes to school, is it possible to live on apprentice wages until he gets his licence etc??

      We know about the costs for the relocation etc and the renting side of things and we will be bringing as much furniture as we can (so we don't incur any other costs for a while at least) and we intend to arrive just before our container does so we don't have a long wait for our stuff.

      Is it feasible?? Has anyone else done it (especially plumber's families out there)??

      Thanks and appreciate your time.


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      As you are on a 176 visa -I would say yes as you will be entitled to centrelink etc. If you decide to rent then they will help with the rent. But as with all things it depends on hubby getting a job quickly, and your quality of living.
      Being on this visa you stand more of a fighting chance than some.
      Good luck

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      Just a note on the casual work side of things, supermarkets and shops, fast food outlets, have good hourly rates for casual work. I do nightfill at Coles (which is actually through the evening, not through the night), and was paid at $21 an hour. If they make you permanent you do drop to around $17.50/hr but have the guarantee of 12 hours/week and also sick/annual leave. Obviously depends what area you settle in to the availability of casual jobs like this, but if you can get your foot in the door and work well you're likely to get good hours if you want them.

      Louise (Mrs Kangomik)


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