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      WOW thats quite a hike, where did you find that out?
      luckily i have already submitted mine.

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      I know we couldnt believe it!! Its in the October issue of Australia and New Zealand magazine, just explains it came in from sept 1st and lists the trades it affects and the costs involved.

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      what page is it on? i must have missed it some how?
      i think i just read the nice stories and forget about the nitty gritty issues!

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      Quote Originally Posted by c4ndygirl View Post
      Hi There,

      We read today that the TRA for the mentioned skills has gone from $300 to $2100 - wow!!
      Having already done my TRA I have not spent to much time on this but have had a quick look just incase I dont get my visa and have to start again but this is what I found out.
      The TRA cost is staying at $300 but the trades listed below will now have much more involved testing not from TRA but from vetaccess, the fees are listed below, hope this helps a little.

      India, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, South Africa and the Philippines who wish to have their skills assessed for the General Skilled Migration programme in one of the following trade occupations:
      • general electrician [4311-11]
      • general plumber [4431-11]
      • refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanic [4312-11]
      • motor mechanic [4211-11]
      • carpenter and joiner [4411-11]
      • carpenter[4411-13]
      • joiner [4411-15]
      • electrical powerline tradesperson [4313-11]
      • cable jointer [4313-13]
      • bricklayer

      1. Self -assessmentNo charge . 2. Competency profile
      (paper based assessment)AUD $600 ''''''''''3. Practical skills assessmentAUD $1500 - carpenter, joiner, bricklayer and motor mechanic AUD $1600 - general electrician, cable jointer, electrical powerline tradesperson, refidgeration and air-conditioning mechanic, and general plumber
      You must pay AUD $600 with your application for a competency profile (paper-based assessment).
      You must pay the fee for your practical skills assessment when you receive notification from VETASSESS that you can proceed to this stage.
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      wow that is quite a jump up in costs


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      Its on page 93:o


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