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      TRA - once only

      Hey everyone

      My husband passed his TRA couple of years back as a General Plumber. Although he is a Gas Fitter as well as a Plumber he was advised by our agent at the time to leave out the Gas Fitter in his TRA application as it would save on lots of paperwork. After having to put our application on hold for personal reasons, we have only began looking into starting our application back up on Monday and so have just discovered all the changes. We have been desperate to get over for so long (as I know so many people have) so were thinking we would be quicker getting him re-assessed as a Plumber/Gas Fitter but we have just been told by an Agent that it is most likely TRA won't reassess him. Apparently once you are assessed that's it, it's a one shot game. I have e-mailed TRA myself just there to check their policy but I am pretty sure we will have to just grit our teeth and expect a long wait. Does anyone have any knowledge of TRA and if this is correct?

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      My hubby was a special class electrician for 17 years for yorkshire electricity and his tra was rejected twice even though we tried to appeal. There version of this job is different to ours.

      Due to these qualifications and the fact he now works as a satellite engineer we applied again under a new job code (electronic equipment tradesperson). His boss was great and joined the 2 references together. Our agent said we didnt have a chance so much so he sent the paperwork back to us for us to post ourselves. We included lots of references from companies he did work for, loads of photos and wrote a large cover piece about the change. Not sure if it made a difference but it was granted.
      I know the gas fitter job is on the CSL.
      Good luck

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      Thanks for your reply Andi. Well done for being persistant and trying regardless of your Agent's advice. The agent called back this afternoon to say he had sought advice with someone else who thinks it is possible to be passed twice with different occupations so my husband is to phone this other person in Australia and see if they can work it. It is such a big deal for us so I am feeling nervous. Fingers crossed!


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