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      Question assessment info

      with the TRA do you have to get references from all employers or just the one that the assessment is being done on?

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      We had to get references from all employers that were relevant to Gregs experience as a metal polisher going back 20 years - then as we had gone on to set up our own company too we had to then get references from suppliers and customers too

      Not the easiest thing to get through but great feeling when you get that yes at the end of it all. Good luck with it all.


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      We also had to go back 20 years with Neils work. Although they only need 6 yrs experience covered, TRA also need the info from where you trained, studied etc which meant us completing references for all Neils past employers.

      Quite a few late nights, a lot of headaches and just a "few" arguements later - we had them all sorted and had the results back in just over 2 weeks.


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