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      Which Migrant agent - any recommendations?

      New to all this and as confused as heck! Could anyone give good recommendations to which migrant agent to use and roughly how long does the process normally take. We have been living in Brittany, France for 9 years and my hubbie has finally persuaded me to go to Australia but after looking into it all I think we definately need a migrant agent after being out of the UK for so long. Adelaide looks the place for us - here's hoping!
      Many thanks in advance
      David and Janet

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      Hi David and Janet

      Welcome to the forum :lol: I know what you mean about this migration lark - can be confusing and daunting. :shock:

      There are a few migration agents that will offer you a free phone consultation so you can talk things through and they will give you a realistic view on which visa you are most suitable for. If your application is straight forward you may decide to go alone as there are always people on forums such as this to help you out with any questions :lol:

      We use Go Matilda who I can definitely recommend. My husband is a metal polishers which ahs no qualifications so his TRA (skills assessment) was not the easiest as it was all work based with some of the companies no longer trading. Shaun at Go Matilda was a godsend throughout!!


      It has cost us 1495 for their services plus the cost of TRA, medicals and the visa but worth every penny. They have completed every form for us and made the whole process far less painful :lol:

      Good Luck!

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      Hi Lisa,
      Many thanks for your reply, Go Matilda is one of the ones we have contacted and should hopefully receive a call from one of their agents any day now. What made you choose them over everyone else?
      We need to act fast as David is 45 in August but as a Civil Engineer in his past life we are hoping he will be able to return to this profession but been out of the game for 9 years we're hoping that this won't go against him too much.

      If anyone else has good advice, it would be much appreciated.

      Good luck Lisa and family with your relocation, have visited your website which is nothing short of fantastic - I think it is that what made me decide Adelaide is for us.
      Kind regards
      David and Janet

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      Hi David and Janet
      We opted for these after phoning a few. They were friendly and professional but never pushy and really know their stuff. Alan Collet is often seen on forums and keeps up to date with any changes going on so is always on the ball.

      Lisa :D

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      were using concept australia. been great so far. Just passed my TRA so im well pleased with them!!
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Hi David and Janet

      We used The Emigration Group, they were really helpful and the whole process for us took a year however we were a bit slow on getting together all the necessary information. Initially mike (my husband) had to get his skills assessed by the institute of management in Aust this took about a month for the assessment once we had got all the documentation together, then the actual application went in on 19th June BUT there was a delay in processing the application as we were told there was a backlog of 60000 applicants!!! Adelaide is getting very popular :lol: we finally had acceptance today. I think as long as they get your application before your husbands birthday eveything wil be fine. Good Luck with everything, everyone on this site is very helpful I picked up lots of helpful advise and tips!!

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      Many thanks for all your reply's they have been very helpful in this very confusing system of visa application - what a nightmare but I'm sure you've all been there!
      Cant' believe there was a backlog of 60,000 applicants probably more now that Wanted Down Under is on the TV!
      Good luck to you all with your new life Down Under
      Kind regards
      David and Janet

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      Hi David & Janet
      Welcome to the forum.

      We have an agency in Edinburgh - Oversea Emigration, been very helpful so far & we passed our medicals recently, have a CO so just waiting for that visa 8)

      Good luck with what-ever you decide

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      Hi we used global visa's in london, to be honest they were brilliant. With us living in guernsey everything was done over the phone, email or postal.
      i would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wishing to go through with applying for an aussie visa..
      roll on may, SA here we come..

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      Hi all,
      Many thanks for all your advice on migrant agents, we have now gone with Go Matilda - after answering email questions within 3 minutes each time thought they were fantastic! Property on the market now so here's hoping for a new life in Adelaide in the next year or so!
      Kind regards
      Janet 8)


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