Wondered if anyone could update me on what changes there are when it comes to my husband applying for PR - he is a qualified mechanic for 12 years and took over the business last year (with Oz in our minds all the time) but we have decided we want to make the move, we haven't stopped thinking about the place since our trip in Feb 2008 and still the reasons we wish to move are for better life for our little boy and any future children and for our lives too.

Its only me holding back on the 'leaving family' but I know if I don't make the decision and do it, I will always look back and think why or wonder... and obviously this has effected all you guys, so looking for any helpful info etc.

I'm not silly enough to think I would be happy all the time when we do it but I know the reason why.

Would like to make the move in the next 2-3 years - is this realistic?

Any advice/help etc would be greatly received.