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      Over 45..still able to get in Australia?


      has anybody got into Australia over the age of 45? everything I seem to read points to 45 being a cut off age...is it the temp visa that is more flexible?...

      my partner is a roof tiler/slater/plumber with a wealth of experience and has worked for himself for twenty years..

      if anybody has done it or has the low down on being self employed in oz would really appreciate the leg up!

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      Ya know i honestly don't know the situation on this. There must be a way to get here over 45 as a friend of mine had his mum move here, she is working too. Not sure how she did it.

      I think there is a way to pay a large sum of money for a type of PR Visa, im no expert.
      I'm sure an Agent would be more than happy to explain every option open to you though.

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      Hi Topaz,

      We came out here on a 457 Regional migration visa my husband was 46. Our 1st trip to OZ was to get a job sponsor which he did. Then we went back to the Immigration unit who then done the paperwork to get us out here on a permanent work visa valid until 2013. After 3 months we can apply for permanent resident which we are in the process of doing.
      It's not cheap is cost us around 6000, hope that help we have a number of a agent who could help you.


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