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    Thread: Ielts results are back

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      Lyndie Loue

      Ielts results are back

      Whoop whoop whoopedy doo OH scored overall 8.5 for his test!! We were sweating it for a bit there, tests always put you under pressure so its never a done deal til you get the results. Waiting for State Spons to come back now (put it in 6 weeks ago so hopefully soon) then Visa (475) will go in before we head down for a month in April to Adelaide & then Queensland.

      Feels like another hurdle over, onto the next!!!!

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      congratulations on getting the results

      one step closer eh???

      it'll be nice to have u here xx

      ange x

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      Lyndie Loue
      Thanks for that Ange, very very excited about our trip down under. Staying with relatives in Craigmore then onto friends. Simply can't wait xx

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      Congratulations, its a wonderful feeling isn't it. I hated doing that exam, as you say you are put under a lot of pressure. But very well done, glasses of wine all round me thinks....oh go on then I'll join ya ;)
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