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      Lyndie Loue

      State Sponsorship Approved Today

      This is another bit of the jigsaw puzzle done, we have had a positive Vetasses (Building Associate), pass on the IELTS test & State Sponsorship for SA approved today. Agent has advised that our visa will be lodged & should be ok & not effected by the changes - on a SC475

      So why oh why do I feel doom & gloom & a sense of dread? I guess its just the uncertainty of it all. It would be great if SA have Building Associate on their State Migration Plan list - but knowing our luck, I doubt it!!!!

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      Congratulations, I am sure it will all be fine.

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      Talking Well done

      Hello there,


      Don't feel doom and gloom and dread, enjoy the moment, it is still a positive step forward enjoy it for what it is, save the dread for ONLY and IF you get dreadful news....

      You should be all think positive, its what you want go for it ...

      Tanya John Callum and Owen

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      Lyndie Loue
      Thank you guys so much for this - you are absolutely right & we have had a glass or two of wine to celebrate. Feeling on top of the world now xx



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