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    Thread: Job Seeking - Visa Difficulties

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      Job Seeking - Visa Difficulties

      Hi Everyone,

      I work for the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australian and am posting on here seeking stories regarding difficulties you have had seeking work on your respective visa. It has come to our attention that some migrants on provisional visas, such as 475, 487 and 495, that allow them to work in Australia have found employers hesitant to employ them as they are not permanent residents or citizens, or the employee is unfamiliar with the visa type and conditions. Please see this link for a fact sheet recently put out on this topic:

      We would appreciate anyone's personal stories regarding this issue, if you don't wish to put these publicly on the forum, please feel free to PM or email me.

      Thank you for your time,

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      Thanks for taking time to do this Lauren.

      There have certainly been a few people on here that have been in this situation.


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      Hi Lauren

      I am now a permanent resident but when I arrived on a 495 visa a couple of years ago I was initially declined a position in a bank due to being on the temp 495 visa.

      I have been told many stories of people on this visa being refused employment because they are not permanent residents and it is sometimes a very difficult visa to be on.


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      im over here on a working holiday visa at the moment, (in process of applying for spouse, again temporary visa) im struggling to find work. i am well qualified in engineering but all the company's i applied to wont look at me because i can only work for 6 months with any one employer. i find alot of the shops dont want to know because im over qualified. At the moment im harvesting grapes and doing the odd day here and there as a labourer but its not enough. i found alot of places say no as soon as you mention temporary visa



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