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      Question Passport advice please

      hello all,

      Straight to the point,

      Callum and Owen's passports are to expire in August this year, we are not planning any foreign travel and as we are not 'theoretically' due to be assessed until 2011/ 2012 is it worth my renewing their passports as they only get issued five yearly ones?

      Bassically I do not want to waste the passports validation time by having them sitting in a drawer for two years, make it to Oz and have to renew them all too soon

      Does this all make sense

      Thank you


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      Hi, I would renew them at the very last minute, its very costly, Im about to do my 2 girls ones, going to be over 100, as eldest is 19 now!


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      yea id wait too i had 2 get new passports b4 xmas for my 2 if ur not planning on goin anywere soon put it off 4 as long as you can! xxx

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      Thank you, Thats just what i will do :o xx



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