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    Thread: Sending a box Down Under

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      Sending a box Down Under

      Whoops! The shippers have left with our belongings and we have forgotten a few things. I have looked at Voovit.com and it's 50 for a box to be sent over. That's not too bad but they say on their website that there will also be a charge for customs clearance. How much is this? They also say that I can arrange this myself and there will be no charge. Does anyone know how to do this?

      Oh yeah, Lisa 'conveniently' managed to pack ALL of her clothes so now has to buy new ones to wear before our container arrives. Hmm

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      Oh yeah, Lisa 'conveniently' managed to pack ALL of her clothes so now has to buy new ones to wear before our container arrives. Hmm

      hmmmm Devious ploy ..... I like it

      sorry can't help with the rest, is there no-one on here maybe willing to add your couple of bits to their container??

      Good luck with all anyway .. :)
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      we shipped 12 boxes with voovit and we paid 300 to vooivt at the time,then had to pay $240 to the freight company in sydney who dealt with it at this end then $70 ish dollars for the customs clearance at this end.............i would say though that it takes ages......voovit collect from us in uk on 20th oct 09 we collected boxes 1st feb '10 from adelaide port,that was with us doing all the running around ourselves,and customs and collection arent the same place,20 min drive apart,my husband said 'never again'...thought it was a nitemare.....but i was grateful to have all my childrens fotos back ..........hope this helps
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      I used Voovit, real cheap and so easy to do. look at my posts for more information on costs etc

      Thanks Andy



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