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    Thread: 457 and medical

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      mike and tor

      457 and medical

      I don't know if this has been covered, but I expect I am not the first nor the last to ask
      For a 457 visa do you need to have a medical. If you do, is it a full x ray and blood kind of medical or a mere tempeture and weight type medical.

      I ask this as my wife is currently very preggy. She wants to give birth in her mother land as that is where all her support is (not oz).

      So would she need a medical?

      Thanks forum. Oh and if it all goes to plan then I should be exposing my white chest on a beach in Adelaide in the next 4 months. Come and have a look

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      I'm the wife of a 457-holder. He had to have the full medical whereas me and the kids didn't.


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      It's all depdant on where you'll be working.

      If either/both of you will be working in a hospital or school environment you will be required to undergo both x-ray and a general medical (height, weight, blood pressure, urine etc).
      If not you'll only require an x-ray.
      For children the requirements vary with age.

      Paul, Sam, Elliott and Lily
      Living in Woodcroft

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      mike and tor
      I will be working in health care, the wife will spend the money.



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