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      Exclamation medical issues

      Can anyone advise me, with insulin dependant diabetus, do you have to have a more stringent medical? does this cost more? anyone know the procedures on this one.

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      You would have the same medical as set out by DIMIA. You would need to state your medical history, medication etc on the form and the panel doctor will let you know any extra info you may need.

      Go see your doctor too and get a letter explaining your medical history and how you manage your diabetes :D As far as I know this should not effect you getting a visa, they will just need the extra info to make their decision.

      Someone with more experience of this may be able to help you more


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      Hi Doogie,
      our daughter also has a medical issue . We tryed to find out wether it would affect our chances of her getting a visa and to be quite honest we struggled. Nobody seems to be able to give you a straight answer. From what we have found out you have to do the medical as per normal and then when they look at the results they will send back to the UK for any further information they need. I have spoken to someone of custard court who had medical issues with their son and she said it just added extra time into the process. We have however got a letter from Megs consultant to go with the medical. I think it is mainly a stab in the dark. But from reading the sights I think I recal someone with IDD getting a visa. I guess it depends on weather U have any associated complications ect. As far as we are awear though it dosnt cost any more. Good Luck


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