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    Thread: Help Please think it is all over!!!!

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      Help Please think it is all over!!!!

      Hope someone can clarify where we are at the moment!! just been told by our migration agent that due to the new skills lists coming into effect soon and the old one being cancelled, my hubby cannot apply for a rsms visa with an exemption for being 46. He is in contact with a company who are keen to get him over, although his skills are so specialised that they are not on the list anyway!! and we now dont know where we stand. :(

      Have been told that our only other option is a business visa as we run a business over here, but with the house prices being so low at the moment we don't think we can satisfy the $300,000 net assets.

      Any help will be so appreciated as we thought last week we were on our way!!!


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      I don't understand why , is it to do with his occupation? The new SOL is not out yet so the old one still operates. The employer should still be able to sponsor you if they can prove that they can't find anyone younger. What has changed??

      Regarding the Business visa, yes the exchange rate doesn't help but have you looked at the criteria properly. For the 163 the combined personal and business assets need to be $250,000. Although you need additional assets for settlement.

      $300,000 is the turnover (not profit) required in 2 out of the last 4 years. Now this is calculated at the exchange rate prevailing at the financial year end so much more favorable if you look further back!

      I would ask some more searching questions of your agent.
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