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      12 month working visa ??

      has anyone got any experience or advice on working visas ??
      A good friend of mine is looking at a long visit and probably is not allowed to work on a normal holiday visa so would look another direction. Does he contact Australia House ??? What would this visa cost ??? How easy are they to get ???
      All advise much appreciated.

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      Is he under 30? that is the cut off point for a WHV, I think they are pretty easy and cheap to get and if he does 3 months (I think) regional work - always available, then he can extend it to 2 years.
      Here is some more info from immigration website, looks like you can apply online

      Working Holiday Makers - Online Applications

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      Unfortunately just turning 45.

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      sorry but from what i've discovered - your friend can get a holiday visa for upto a year but has to leave the country every 3mths in that time (even if just for a day) you can get this extended for 6mths...if you beg lol requests in to aussie house etc

      this is what my mum is facing at the mo - if anyone knows another option im all ears.



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