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      SA sponsorship

      SA don't seem to be sponsoring anyone at the moment? anyone got any information if they will be soon, as i think this is the option for us.

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      I'm waiting on the same thing. It closed down just before the changes at the start of September. I needed to wait for that to kick in as I needed the extra language points. I'm nw frustrated as hell waiting for it to get back up an running!

      You can register for an email alert at http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/sit...d_visa_sir.php but I have no idea when that will be.


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      There does not seem to be any notification of when they are going to be up and running again or what if any changes they are going to be making :)


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      russell 12

      hoping to be sponsored

      Hi Doogie
      Just browsing on your page and now a little worried about the whole sponsor thing . One of the hospitals in Adelaide have said they will sponsor me and not mentioned any probs with this??

      What is your experience?

      I am a nurse and went over to Adelaide for 10 weeks earlier this year ( fab time) and from here have been granted a post etc. Does it vary according to professions /

      Craig and Louise

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      Think if you have a job to go to and a company to sponsor you then you should be ok, we are waiting for SA itself for sponsorship not a company, different. Good luck

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      I picked up off another forum where someone had sintacted SA directly, and they assured the person that the new forms were imminent, it was just a matter of altering things to fit with the new rules etc.
      Hopefully that will mean they are not too different.
      it does seem a long time though to get it sorted......or maybe I'm just too anxious to get things moving again, as I'd made quick progress with vetasses and IELTS!!


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      Leanne & Mark
      Pls let it not be a huge change.

      Please please please

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      how long does it take????

      Quote Originally Posted by Leanne & Mark View Post
      Pls let it not be a huge change.

      Please please please
      the ball started rolling end of may my sponsorship visa, ive still not had any news do you know how long it takes?



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