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    Thread: Student Visa

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      Student Visa

      Can someone tell me if my wife arrives on a student visa, trains for a year then qualifies, will she qualify for a skills visa even if she doesn,t have a job offer?.
      And could i then after a year work longer than 20hrs even if she doesn,t get work?
      We could stay for a year living on our savings but it,s a big risk if at the end of the year my wife is qualified but we have to come back. It,s probably been done many times before no doubt but a bit of re-assurance would at least ease my fears

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      Student Visa: This is being watched over very closely atm. The basic rules are you must work in the area you train in and maximum of 20hrs per week. This will be an issue as most employers do not need 20hrs per week ( depending on trade/job position). Upon completion of your wifes 1 year training she must work 900hrs in chosen profession then apply for TR or PR.

      What area of training does your wife wish to enter?

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      She is planning on doing level 3 hairdressing but i,m not sure of the procedure after the course ends, with regards to another visa if no work or my ability to work longer than 20 hrs a week.

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      Hi there are a few things here that you need to know. first a years study will not be enough to satisfy the requirements of a student visa. The course has to be registered for 2 years and on the CRICOS register. As far as the 20hr a week work limit there is no way you can do more than 20hrs and immigration are very hot on that. With regards to the recent changes on 8th feb if i were in your shoes i would not risk coming here on a student visa when there is a good chance hairdressing is going to be removed from certain lists and the immigration minister Chris Evans seems to have it in for the hairdressing proffession.

      Having done the student visa thing i can tell you it is very very hard in many ways, if you can get trained in the uk i would go with that. You will be amazed how quick you get through your money here, and only working 20hrs a week helps but most part time jobs are 25hrs per week so it can be hard to find work. sorry to be blunt but the Australian Goverment just love to keep changing things we were shafted 4 times in 3 years and it never goes in your favour. hope this helps
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      Thanks for your honest answer it,s not what we wanted to hear of course
      We will go to the travel expo next week and see if we can find out what our options are now and the best way ahead, but the chances are getting slimmer.



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