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      Quote Originally Posted by Cope View Post
      Five months to go for us. But a lot to sort out too so that's ok.
      'Tears party' is on 14 august.
      Good luck to you guys going sooner!
      Having lots of goodbye parties and tears at the moment, although the excitement outweighs the fears and tears.

      Will need to go into rehab when we get over, as so many parties mean lots of alcohol!
      Good luck to you too and enjoy every minute!


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      Talk about a rollercoaster...
      Cool signature by the way: the 'arrive in Adelaide' month being the very month we're in now!
      Good luck with everything, including the hangovers ;-)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Damien View Post
      This time next week we'll be boarding the plane to our new life! Still got the car to sell, move out of the house, job to leave, crap exchange rate etc but hey ho :)
      The lads on my building site are planning something for Friday evening - not sure if I'm looking forward to it . You know what fat, hairy builders can be like!:Randy-git:

      Just watching my last England footy game on English tv.

      See ya all soon!

      damo, looking forward to meeting you all, your fellow bricky mate, phil. autumn now but still 30 degrees, been warm at work. beers ready soon mate, cold ones too, chat soon, phil,deb charlie,summer

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      Hi Damo,

      It is all happening for you now, with all the information and posts that are given to users of PIA, along with your seemingly positive outlook things can only go up (well down under) in the right direction for you. Enjoy it all (as has been said I know) and the very best of luck to you all.


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      Cheers All!

      Phil - I'll see you soon, will be good to meet up and have a chinwag:)

      So much time and so little to do.............

      Whoops - got that the wrong way round!

      My liver is suffering BIG TIME! Need rehab by the sea.



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