We came over to Adelaide last year expecting to stay as were told our visa was imminent, but due to changes in Septmeber had to come back to the UK. We are expecting to return soon just waiting on the visa.

The main diffenrence we noticed was the kids we saw, they were friendly and always doing something instead of hanging around outside shops etc.

The weather means there is not much for kids to do outdoors, and when it is ok weather your worried about letting them play out.

The area I live in has always been pretty good in the UK but has started to decline, the local paper shop has recently been robbed by a group of young lads, I try to keep my kids active, but find myself having to be really carefull about who my kids become friends with at school and can literally see the changes in my childrens behaviour when they play with kids that haven't had a great upbringing.

It seems there are no house wifes any more in the UK just single mums who have more kids to get more benefits or mums that have to work to provide for their family as one income doesn't seem to be enough any more.

I think the UK is a really difficult place to bring up kids.

I can't wait to leave.

Janine (28), Darren (29), Connor (8), Melody (5) and Cody ( 5 months)