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      Richard & Amanda

      Tax Office & TRA


      Is it true that if you approach your tax office they can send you details of ALL your employments since starting work?

      And, if this is true has anybody done it and is it acceptable for the purposes of filling in the TRA form.

      Hubby spent time with the MOD 17 years ago and its going to take them between 1-3 weeks to confirm he was there. Obviously we don't want to wait that long as the TRA form is now practically finished, and he has a job offer and contract so we want to move the process along a little now!!!!

      Can anybody help?

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      Hi Richard, Amanda & Hannah,

      We sent a letter to the inland revenue requesting my OH work history to help match up dates and companies for the TRA, it takes a few weeks for this to come in as well.

      They do accept this as part of your TRA as it helps to back up the information that you have supplied.

      With it going to take a few weeks for the reference to come through, i don't think it will do you any harm to request the I/R information it has no cost incurred for them doing this and it also means that you have it to hand, just in case they are looking for further information.

      Best of Luck
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      Hi Richard & Amanda,

      As you're going out on ENS do you still have to complete a TRA?
      I was under the impression it wasn't required as your employer is effectively underwriting you and your visa application.

      Which company are you off to work for? I've just accepted a job with an Adelaide based aviation company too.
      Feel free to PM me if you wish.

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      Richard & Amanda
      Hey thanks for the info.

      I will "encourage" hubby to approach tax office as well then.

      Cribber - Pm sent to ya!

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      We used this info to prove employment at a company that had closed down years ago. You can use it as well as references etc but not in stead of as it would not give enough detail. :D


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      we are just gathering information, do you have to put all your work experience since starting work on the TRA form then?

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      Richard & Amanda

      Yes it is my understanding that you need to put down all your work experience on the TRA, or rather all the work experience relating to the job you are seeking the visa under.

      So if you are a train driver then they don't need to know you used to work in the local Spa shop to give an odd example! That is how I understand it....though if anybody knows differently.

      Thanks Lisa for the info - I was clearly trying to shortcut which isn't going to work!
      I'm just not sure his previous employer will know/remember what he did 17 years ago - luckily he has an approval card which is now certified by solicitor so he is going to enclose that.
      I think hubby is just 3 years astray at the moment - the 3 years directly after serving his appreticeship which needs covering off then we can send the form off!


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