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      actively seeking employment

      hi everyone this is our first thread and hopefully you can help us ! have just sent of our tra forms and have now started to fill in our visa application for state sponsorship as my husbands job (chef) has been taken of the skilled list and is unlikely to return for the forseeable future.we have been told he must start to apply for jobs and also be offered one before the visa application can be sent off! . this sounds a little bit crazy as he will probably have to lie to the potential employer about when he will be available to start just to get the job offer ! can anyone offer some advice on this situation as it sounds very strange to us

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      My husband is a chef...and to be honest I think it would be hard to get someone to sponsor you.

      Many of the chef's jobs are casual, and it wouldnt be worth the companies putting in the time and effort to sponsor.

      Even the permanent positions that my husband has held over the past few years....with applicants here, it wouldnt be worth them doing it.

      Also.... i think the companies have to prove they cant fill positions with australians?
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