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Which subclass are you applying for, Gill? And how far have you got? I remember being so daunted by it, but when I sat down to get everything together it wasn't half as bad as I feared. The key is just being meticulously organised. Happy to help if you want any tips. Could also help with a pro-forma schedule showing you what sort of stuff I submitted for the schedule of docs if you want.

I'm not an immigraiton expert, just a retired (or resting, haha) lawyer!
Thank you.... (I am already living in Adelaide with my OH & 4 kids)..it is actually my Brother in law who will be applying ... his partner of 4 years is an australian citizen (he's actually divorced). They have only just got the forms through the post so only at the very start of the application! They will probably go through an agent in the UK but I was trying to get some info for them also