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      Coming over! Need cheapo accommodation. Please help

      Hi all

      Now that I have a couple of interviews lined up, I will be coming over to Adelaide from the 3rd to 16th of April.

      I will be coming alone, so I am looking for somewhere basic, but clean to lay my head down each night. I don't know If I fancy staying at a backpackers lodge or somewhere like that tho...

      Any suggestions?

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      umm cheap and clean.... could be fun.

      Look at some of the internet deals, some of our guys got the Hilton in the city the other month for less than 120 bux a night

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      I have a friend looking for a boarder. Will send you a private message. She is looking for $150 per week for bed and help yourself to breakfast!

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      Friend looking for boarder. Lives at Woodville. Train and bus handy. Bed and breakfast $150. Yes it is cheap. No catch. This will give my friend a foot in the door to go with short term accommodation. ring 0408817632
      Good luck

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      Hi try this website www.couchsurfing.com click on Australia and scroll down.You'll find two or three people offering couches (usually people offer beds!)for free.We're on it(but we live in the UK).Hope you find this useful.



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