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      Question Help Please!!!

      Need some advice really, we are in the process of gathering all info for TRA, my husband after speaking to agent he is dealing with is getting hopes up i think, he is a qualified BT engineer although left this in 2004 (4 yrs exp), he is now a qualified digital engineer (6mths exp), the agent has advised him to proceed with the TRA as he sees no reason why would not get passed.

      After reading bits on here and on different sites i am concerned that he will be turned down, they are both city&guilds qualificatins and can get supporting evidence etc, but i just don't want him to get turned down as this is something that we have all wanted for sooo long. Anyone got any advise

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      If you have a good agent he should tell the truth and you should be able to trust him. A good agent shouldnt tell you should get through with no good reason! You have to decide if hes good or not!! If you have concerns he is not then ring and have some free consults with other agents.

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      Hi there
      You could also ask you agent what their success rate it and if I remember rightly, to be registered with their governing body (forget what it is called) their pass rate must be up in the 90s%. But it was one of the first questions I asked our agent .... so go ahead and ask them, it is your money after all and your dream.

      Good luck

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      Another question to ask - is the work experience long enough to get the visa points? It will be no good spending money on TRA and getting this passed if you then fall short for the visa application itself. Most visa catagories seem to require 12 in the last 18 months in the skill you are applying for :)

      We phoned 2 or 3 agents and all asked them questions when starting out - some are definitely better than others



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