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      The waiting game!

      Just another story to add to this thread.......My visa was sent online on the 26th April. My meds were sent on the 25th May and up until last week I had heard NOTHING!! When I checked the status online ( I do have a lawyer but they don't really seem to know anything) it said that on the 18th of Sept my application had 'been processed further'. However, I never recieved notification that I have a case officer so I really don't know what's happening, it's so frustrating!!!

      Just booked my one way ticket for December anyway. I can't believe that it was expected that my visa would take 6/8 weeks and so far it's taken 6 months!!

      Just a bit fed up with it now


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      Hi Emma,

      I would guess that the "processed further" comment probably means that your application has been assigned to a case officer but that means it's taken a hell of a long time to get to that stage; your visa was submitted (online) earlier than ours but I'm not sure how quick they're supposed to be.

      We sent our Visa off (SIR 495) on 08/05/07 and it was received 11/05/07; check the signature for detailed timescale.

      As others on this thread (and countless others) have said, there's no hard and fast rules as to how long things take but the waiting is incredibly hard.

      Good luck!


      p.s. Whoever told you 6/8 weeks needs shooting!

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      Hi Justin!
      Thanks for the reply. I phoned my lawyer again and spoke to a new immi lawyer who said the same as you - looks like the CO has been assigned and that because my meds and police checks went ages ago I would not have been notified of this. He also said that they only just re-opened SIR visa applications yesterday (after huge delay!) so that anyone (like us) who is waiting, should expect to see a move soon.

      Feel much better now!!!


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