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    Thread: 457 vs 176

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      457 vs 176

      I am hopefully heading to Adelaide in Jan 2011 and have already had a positive interview with a prospective employer who said they will put me (with wife and two young kids) through on a 457 visa. The will pay all visa costs which sounds great but do I spend more cash now and try get a 176 visa rather before we head over? Any info on questions (and any extra info) would be greatly appreciated.

      1) Does a 457 get 1st homeowners and newbuild grant?
      2) Does a 457 get any state funding for kids education (my eldest will be 5 in May 2011)
      3) I have heard that a 457 has to get private medical insurance.
      4) How easy is it to complete all the paperwork to get the 176 visa?

      5) Does anybody on the forum surf and if so does the Mid Coast ever get any decent surf?

      I am sure I will have some further queastions so might add every now and again.

      Right now I am looking out of my window and it is chucking it down. At least I live in York and not a big city though.


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      mike and tor
      Yes with the 457 you need private medical insurance. I have gone with Iman as they are cheap. However once you lodge your PR visa then you will come under medicare.
      Yes you should get the grants for 1st time owners, however if I am wrong then some one better let me know!
      No funding for education - but dont quote me on that. My understanding, and I have to keep things simple as I am a man, is that with a 457 you basically have to pay for everyting. However it is a quick (er) visa to get.
      Now the idea of getting into the water with out one of them anti shark devices scares me. Although my wife tells me that if you punch a shark on the nose it will leave you alone. Hummmm it did not work in Jaws 1, Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and Jaws 3 in 3D. But she is my wife so she is correct.

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      Hi Guys.

      Congrats on the job front.

      As for your questions i am unsure about homeowner grants as did not really look into it when i was on 457.

      I paid the same amount as everyone else for my daughters school fees which vary from school to school. My fee's are $190 a year however the fee's can be a lot more.

      They do recommend that you get private health insurance as you are only covered for emergency treatment with medicare (you get a yellow medicare card instead of green). I personally did not get private but it's your choice whether you do or don't. Also don't forget the all important ambulance cover.

      I applied for my 176 online whilst here and found the process fairly easy. You do have to leave Australia for the 176 to be granted though if you wait till you come which you will obviously end up spending more money on. Also as you have children you will not be entitled to any form of family assistance (similar to child tax credits) on the 457, if you arrive on a 176 you will be.

      Personally i would recommend the 176 however you will need to make the decision based on what you feel is right for you and your family.

      Good luck.

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      You didnt use to need privagte medical for the 457 but you do now. You have to pay for the 1st monhup front for yur visa to be processed. We went with Iman too which cost us about 85 for the first month.

      As for school fees you pay the same as everyone else.

      We are going ona 457 (hopefully if it is granted) so that we can get there quickly but are going to apply for a 175/176 at the same time.

      Good luck with whatever you decide.

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      Hi we are in Adelaide on a 457 visa, but we completely wish that we had got the 175 /6 visa before we had come. We are not entitled to any family assistance, childcare benfits, first time home owner grants or stimulation payouts, so when everyone else is spending their free money we are sat here skint!!!
      I would certainly consider the finacial implications of the 457, it is by far the easiest route into Aus, but then there are so many hidden costs involved when you get here and when you apply for the PR visa. You will have to depart Australia to validate your new visa so that will cost mega bucks too. If we were doing it all again from scratch we would go PR all the way, even if it takes that bit longer to get here.
      On a lighter note at least you dont have to travel far to get your medial and CXR done its only round the corner from YDH!!!
      Good luck in whatever route you decide to take
      JC xxx

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      I would certainly try and get PR over a 457 if you can. It will provide you with that bit more security and peace of mind not only in relation to your entitlements but also in relation to your status.

      What I mean by that is that on a 457 you are at the mercy of your employer. Don't get me wrong the majority of employers are great, but your visa is based on your sponsorship and if for whatever reason your employment ends then so does your visa and your entitlement to stay here (unless of course you secure another sponsor).

      Also being at the mercy of the employer does mean you have to be a bit careful if you are unhappy with anything such as work conditions or pay etc. As I say you very rarely have a problem and if the 457 is the only route in then great but certainly if you can come in with full PR my personal opinion is that it is better.

      Good luck with it all.

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      Cheers for the answers guys. A lot to think about, but as we are planning to head out in jan 2011 I think I will spend the time going for the 176. If I don't make it before then I will progress there while on a 457. Cheers again.


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