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    Thread: Oh my my, what have I done

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      mike and tor
      you can work where ever you want. it is not like over full of nurses

      i will be in the city when i get there!!

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      Had a job at Flinders before, am trying there again just cause I know the area. I'm a midwife too now, so am hoping that I can secure one or the other before I come over :)
      Good Luck Tor, it's a great place to go, I can't wait to go back!!
      Caz x

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      Quote Originally Posted by mike and tor View Post
      no Kang, the house I am selling has fallen through. So no go to Ade until I get another buyer.
      sorry to hear that mate! know exactly how that feels:(
      fingers crossed u get a buyer again soon!:)

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      Hey rent it out and move any way, then when the exchange rate turns, and the house market in the uk turns sell the thing and be quids in!

      Half full NOT half empty

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      Exactly what I'm hoping for!

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      Which hospital are going to work in?

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      mike and tor
      wow it seems that every person i talk to is some kind of health care professional. Is there any left in the UK

      Shoud us nurses meet up when I eventually get to Ade?

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      Yes yes and yes!!! Can I still come to the meet up if I'm a midwife?! I promise to be nice :)

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      :) can i come too not in the proffesion at all but wud luv 2 meet up...:)

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      mike and tor
      ALL sounds good to me. Ok the plan will be let me sell my house, get over to oz, find a rental, get my stuff shipped over including the dog, find a car, sort out gas/electric and tele + internet, then we can all meet up at mine or where ever for a well earned coffee. But I think by that stage I will need valium!

      We will even let the midwife come
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