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    Thread: Why do it?

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      We Validated our visa last October as we weren't ready to move. For the last 2 years we have done nothing but try and save money, We also have good jobs and decent pay, but we still want to move. I still need to do a few things on the house before getting it on the market, but as most of these jobs are outsite they have been left due to the severe winter we've had. Sometimes I do wonder if its a good idea moving to the other side of the world, and wonder if its the right thing to do, as one of my daughters does not have a visa so cannot come, but she is 23, so her life is in her hands now.

      But the house will still get sold and we will be moving.

      We all have doubts at some point. But personally we could not go on with out trying, but thats just the type of people we are.

      In the end, only you know what you should do.

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      Thanks for all the comments. We have been to oz twice for a month at a time in 2005 and 2007 and our English friends live in Perth so i think we have a good idea what oz is like. I think the validate option is a good one but its getting everything sorted and finding the money for all that and then saving again to go if we do decide to go.

      It's all swings and roundabouts isn't it! Since we first went in 2005 this is the third time we've looked into things and each time we take it a step forward so maybe one day we'll be brave enough or maybe there'll come a time when it just becomes the right time.

      As i'm a midwife and only 31 i probably have time on my side to make such decisions so we'll see and i'll keep researching bit by bit. Thanks again to all who've replied xxx

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      Know the feeling. Did a reccie last month, and i think it raised as many questions as it answered. Exchange rate really isn't helping the situation, we noticed how expensive everything is compared with 2 years ago. Not having as much money to start with as we originally thought may be the deciding factor. The missus' is reluctant to give everything we have here up, just to maybe struggle over there.
      Me, well within 2 days i was missing the sun and the sea. Maybe the right decision now, but i have a nasty feeling we may regret not givin it a go.

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      I validated 4 years ago, now we are flying in December - I'm also a midwife and from what I've heard the job can be very different from the UK (maybe just heresay but I was told it's mainly Obstetric led care in Oz) but I'm fed up with my kids having a poor qulaity childhood in terms of weather and environment, and still want to give them more of an outdorr life.
      As your kids get older and more 'outdoors-ey' you may know what I mean! Good luck with your decision, whatever you choose,
      Caz x


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