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      Pathway D Skills Assessment

      How many of you have been affected by this new change with the scrapping of Pathway D in the skills assessment !!!

      I had finally persuaded my wife to that life in Aus would be the future and due neither of us going to University she was the best option as she qualified as a skilled migrant and with regional sponsorship would get the required points ( even though both of us are senior in our respective industries Jane was Head of Production in a graphic design agency and has been in this industry since she was 20 where she started as a Junior and spent the next 15yrs with the same company, her skills were covered by Graphic Pre-Press Tradesperson 60 points, and I am a Senior Marketing Manager for and have 15 yrs experience).

      Our Migration Agent has been really good (Visabureau) and is still shocked that this has happened, has anyone found the way round this:

      Having UK assessment of Skills
      Taking an Exam NVQ/City & Guilds to prove base skills
      Getting original employer to confirm this was an appreticeship but with no external college or assessment.

      Any other ideas would help massively as there must be a few of us affected .

      Neil & Jane

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      Mark & Rachel
      Hi there,

      This affected us too. My OH is a welder with all the qualifications so we submitted under pathway D with a reference from his employer and TRA returned it all. We are going to re-submit under one of the other pathways..... forget which one...... but as an informal apprenticeship. Is this something that you could consider?

      I was completely gutted about all this, especially as our TRA was sent on 13 August, stamped received 27 August and the decision to withdraw pathway D was not made until 5 September!! Which makes me think they were holding on to them in anticipation of the decision. Call me cynical I know!

      Anyhow, I'd suggest looking at the criteria for each of the remaining pathways and see if your wife's training and experience could fit into any of them.

      Best of luck,


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