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      russell 12

      I went over to oz as part of my nurse training and simply contacted various hospitals direct to see if they could sponsor me on their Graduate nurse programme (GNP), which is a year long preceptorship for newly qualified....some said yes whilst otheres were hesitant. I filled in the application form and had a telephone interview...yippeee got a place. One hospital actually offered me a job during my visit without realising i was still studying. Very different from the situation we have here for nurses ?

      If you are circulating your CV the Australians like a detailed resume ..have a look online for guidance if you need to tweak yours ..has been helpful for my OH to reorganise his.

      good luck Let me know if you need any more help


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      russell 12
      Quote Originally Posted by The Middletons View Post
      Excuse the dumb question, but I'm just filling I my application form for registration for the Nurses Board of South Australia and was wondering if the 457 visa we'll (hopefully) be getting is part of the Skills Stream.
      Hiya just been online trying to find the answers to some of my questions . Anyway when applying for the 457 because its temporary we do not have to have our skills assessed by the ANMC but just need to go direct to the state who are sponsoring..NBSA. Found this info on the ANMC web page. So we are not part of the skills stream and you can answer section 3 in your form now. Check it out online and let me know if you read it differently.

      Keep me posted


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      The Middletons
      Cheers for that.

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      Hi I thought I would give you the employers side of the 457 visa. I work for an organisation that nominates future employees for sponsorship.

      Once the selection process is complete when you have applied for a position and a recommended candidate has been selected we provide immigration with a copy of the Position/Job description, the persons detailed CV and qualifications, the letter of offer and the candidates acceptance. We also complete an online form giving information such as salary, location of job, responsibilities and essential criteria for the position and details of the person to be nominated into the position.

      This is then assessed by immigration and if they approve the nomination we get any email and and forward it onto our chosen candidate and this is when you can apply for your visa.

      I know that at the moment the processing time for nominating future employees is around 6 to 12 weeks as they have a big backlog. It must be huge as the normal processing time for our nominations is usually about 6 to 12 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has just had a major overhaul of some of it visa classes which may have caused this.

      Hope this helps

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      russell 12
      That really interesting thankyou. Encouraging to know that it can be processed so quickly too even with back log...fingers crossed as we are hoping to be over in Jan/ feb



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