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Hi we are also doing our form this week! The questions are a bit odd aren't they? It's a bit different for us though as we already live in Adelaide on a 457 visa so the answers are slightly different for us in that we already have employment security and have built a house and got the kids settled etc!!
You could make a call diary of all the phone calls/interviews you have made to prospective employers and keep any copies of letters or emails and put those in with your paperwork. Mention that you are looking at employment opportunities in all areas of SA, not just in the city, as they look favourably upon non metro workers. Google jobs in SA and mention them all in your answer (even if you dont look at them!!) Every little helps as they say, so even if you think it is insignificant put it in your paperwork as evidence.
The question we most struggled with was the one where it asks you you research and give your analysis of employment prospects outsde of your chosen career. ?????????? We didnt do any research outsde of our career remit (why would we??? lol) so we basically had to widen the truth a bit on that and say we had looked into it. I rang immigration SA about this question and they told us what to put, so if you get stuck, ring them here in Adelaide and they'll help you out. He also went through the rest of the form with us to help make sure we had answered properly. He was called David and was really nice. For us it was all about how we have settled into Adelaide life, we have to provide references from the community (work, kindy, groups, neighbours etc)

Good luck with your application and remember to get it to the Adelaide office by 14th May or you'll miss this seasons batch of accepted applications!

Hi Julia could I just ask briefly what you did write on the "what research have you done outside your chosen career" - we have just saved our application on-line at mo as stuck on this! e-mailed our agent no response as yet??!!!Rang agent - on the phone!getting well stressed out? Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Trudy xx