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    Thread: Shall we still make the move?

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      Hello there,

      We all have our opinions to suit our families, and personal circumstances I agree,

      In our situation we will be a lot lighter on savings but about even on the day to day living if we are lucky by the time we do get out there and settle, obviously depending on financial climate. We are hoping to have the warm outdoor family life, our house at present is worth about 120K so the money we will have would probably only be enough for a sizable deposit on a house, so far our only downfall is that my husband is a baker and that is our ticket to Oz, the jobs we have seen advertised are 1 a.m. starts and thereabouts so possibly not much better off in the 'family time' area of our hopeful future, only time will tell, at present we are still going through the process and hoping to make a life out there.

      Its a chance we are willing to take, and has been mentioned before, we do have family to come back to, we do not expect everything will fall in our laps, and know we are going to have work for the life we want for our children and ourselves, this in turn is going to involve some sacrifices on our part to begin with, we are always looking forward with a positive attitude and do not want to have the what-ifs haunting us.

      Good luck with your decisions and future

      Tanya xx

      P.S., I am not being high and mighty, sometimes words seems so harsh when you type them and I am not being harsh xxx this is how I see things for my family xx
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      Sounds to me like you have got your heads screwed on and are ready to go...keep that attitude and you will be fine...

      The guys on here are always here for support and help and advice...


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      Hi Kathy

      You don't say whether you have actually sold your house or not, only that it is worth 50k less. If you haven't sold it then maybe you could rent it out??

      As for the exchange rate, maybe just bring the minimum amount of cash you need over with you and rent here. All options are risky, we are in exactly the same boat as you and sometimes I think we must be totally mad to have made the move just when the world economies all jumped off a cliff, but that's life and these things are out of our control. Maybe leave the money (or the house if not yet sold) in the UK, rent for a year and see how you get on. Then you can always go back, or else bring the money over if/when things get better. Who knows where things will be financially in a year's time, nobody predicted what did happen.

      House prices don't seem to be rising much here, at least not in this area where the median house price actually fell last year. Some houses sell really quickly but others have been on the market for ages and keep dropping their asking price.
      Backpacked round Australia 1992. Married Australian husband in Adelaide 1994. Lived in Adelaide 1994-1997. Moved back to UK & lived in Essex/Herts 1997-2009. Returned to Adelaide November 2009. 2 kids dual nationality.

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      Quote Originally Posted by lilopilo View Post
      I haven't posted for a while but keep reading everyone's posts. My last post was finding out the cost of living in Adelaide and the answers were really helpful.

      The problem is when we began the Visa process in September 2007 the exchange rate was between 2.3 to 2.5, Adelaide housing was more affordable and as the recession hadn't hit, our house was worth 50k more.

      The major question is now, do we still come when financially we will be MUCH worse off than when we started the process. Taking in to account the three major changes above we will have about 220k less than in 2007. Is it worth the risk??? We loved Adelaide when we validated but the financial worries are making me feel like we have missed the boat. Anyone else in a similar situation?????

      Ditto to above! We applied in 2007 and then due to delays didn't get ur visa until June 2009. We are here and have been since November. I won't lie - we will have 3 times the mortgage and be living in a smaller house (we stupidly didn't exchange at 1.80 and now will be bringing over our money at 1.65 unless things improve) Lost over 60K in pounds and have watched property go up here. BUT - we are glad we did. If the decision is all about money - you may stuggle but if it is about change and adventure - you'll be OK. Oh and I forgot to say that if choose to live in some areas you won't be paying as much as us. We are limited because we have our kids in a school we like and we need to be between two work places and the school.


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