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      Word of Warning

      Just one quick word of warning when you arrive - be careful of offers to 'help' you get cars, properties etc where they have 'friends that can get a good deal' when you first get yourself sorted.

      Running Adelaide Bound I am amazed at the amount of offers I have got from local companies (when contacting them about advertising) willing to pay me anything up to $200 a time for taking people to certain garages, real estate agents etc when they arrive

      Spend a bit of time going round some garages and pricing cars etc as this seems to be a big thing over here but means you would not always get the best deal. We have friends that got recommended a certain garage and paid nearly $4k over the top which they have now noticed driving round more and are really upset - good for the person that recommended them though


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      wow Lisa .... I am more than happy to reccommend a company on when I have had an excellent service (and believe me I am picky about who I reccommend on!) never thought there could be something in it for me .... perhaps I should ask - hahaha, only joking.
      Good service deserves talking about!

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      Definitely agree - I recommend loads of places that I have used and thought were good but cannot believe some people get paid for 'recommending' :o If I took all the offers up could be very well off - do you want some of the contacts :p hehe


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      I have received very good deals and help from companies over the years. Maybe I should have asked them for a cheque when I sent someone to them

      Surely this is something you would do to help a fellow migrant not for financial gain?


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