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      Quote Originally Posted by c4ndygirl View Post
      Hi there,
      We sent our application for our 136 visa back in August, the 3rd, and we havent had any news yet? i know there is a massive delay at the minute as they have had more applications with the changes that came in. So we were just wondering who has sent theres around the same time aand if anyones had any news yet?

      Thanks xxxx

      All i can say is dont worry, ours went 25th July for our 136 and still nothing. I know the wait is hard but your not alone. Told will take upto 12 weks before you here. Who knows it may be longer
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      Crikey, i thought waiting for christmas was bad enough.... ha! ha!
      We all must sound like loonies to anyone not in our boat!! Its true though we all put so much time and effort into a handful (well it felt more like an encyclopedia) of papers you just want to know its all arrived safe and sound - oh and when they are going to let let us leave this cold and rainy place..

      Stay in touch, and let me know how you all get on!!

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      We used Interparcel rather than Royal Mail. You have a tracking number and can track your parcel all the way to signing. Package cost was 20.00, collected from your house > Adelaide Business Centre via Melbourne.

      We thought about taking some of my OH tools accross by the same method - big parcel costs around 90 - 120, well worth it as it only takes about 5 working days to arrive.


      Hope that is of some help.

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      oooooh Isn't it exciting???? Diac update has moved from receipting on the 23rd of July to the 24th of July after 3 weeks!!!! (Ours received on 21st August - we anticipate Christmas before the money comes out...)

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      We put ours in on the 21/6 andidnt here a thing untill we were acknowledged on the 21/9 3 months to the day and I think most people are having to wait the full 3 months at the moment. we are also going on 136 model.

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      Our application (136) was received on the 23rd July. We had an e mail on 10th September confirming the receipt of the application and that the money had been taken. We had posted ours and thought it might not have got there but it did. Now waiting for the validity checks and acknowledgement which they said should be 12 weeks from the date of the e mail.

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      Quote Originally Posted by ali@51 View Post
      We put ours in on the 21/6 andidnt here a thing untill we were acknowledged on the 21/9 3 months to the day and I think most people are having to wait the full 3 months at the moment. we are also going on 136 model.
      Hi guys ours was sent by our agent 25/6 and we still havent heard a thing other than they have it. No acknowledgemt or case officer. We are 136 too.

      Kimberley x

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      Ours has been 13 weeks and still no acknowledgement, I have checked the ASPC today and they are acknowledging 28 June, last week it was the 27 June so it has taken them 1 week to acknowledge 1 days worth of visas, all I can say is there must be a lot of visa's at the moment or they are having a lot of tea breaks!!!!
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      We sent our visa application (136 MODL) at the end of June, the timeline should be below. We received a case reference number last week along with a lovely letter telling us how we will have quite a time delay in receiving a case officer and medicals being requested due to a big influx of visa applications!! When we checked the site, they are currently allocating officers to december applications, quite a wait ahead for us it seems!!

      Good Luck

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      Smile there seems to be hope


      our visa was sent the 17/06/07 we have been given a case officer and requested to do meds&x-rays, I thought we would be waiting until at least june 08, our visa request is the 136 seems like there getting a move on;)

      Quote Originally Posted by deanrm View Post

      Our application was lodged on 09/07/07, money was taken out approx. 6 weeks later, we are also 136 but i don't know if it makes any difference which visa your applying for or not.

      Seems like alot of people on here sent them off at a similar time, i think everyones story is the same ...........waiting. Its awful isn't it?



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