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      119/857 sponsored visa help

      I'm going for the 119/857 Employer Sponsored (RSMS) visa and it asks for all employment since leaving school
      Now not being funny, but I cant remember what I did last year, let alone what I did [ahem] 14 years ago! My professional employment started 4 years after school (from which I have a full record) however there was a period where I just did shop/factory/admin work and to be honest I have no idea exactly who I worked for, over what period!
      Is it ok to give a broad brush and say 'various part-time / temp jobs' !!???
      Any help would be great thanks in advance
      Von x

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      I started my first job in 1985 and I declared every job thereafter as accurately as I could. However as a student I did various temp jobs via an agency and I just gave a vague description - for example Clerical temp for XYZ agency July - Sept 1986 during summer vacation. That seemed to be acceptable as we got our visa.

      You should put as much information as you possibly can and if there is an omission explain why you can not give the information. Go through your paperwork, you will be surprised what you find - it might be enough to piece everything together.



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