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    Thread: loan / car loan

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      loan / car loan

      Just making plans in advance for the move - here in the UK I drive a Kia Rio, which I find reliable, economical, and perfect for the family. I was thinking about buying a brand new one when we arrive - was thinking the warranty would make it one less thing to worry about. BUT, (there's always a but) I wont have any money to pay for the car, I will be newly arrived, but hopefully with a job contract by then. Where do I stand with applying for a loan / car loan/ Will it be a case of 'absolutely not - you've just arrived and have no credit history' or will it be relatively simple?

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      cornish Busdriver
      Gday Caz. No-one will give a loan until you have been in full time work for at least 3 months and they normaly will want 10% of the cost price as a deposit.

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      cheers m'lover ;)

      hmmm, back to the drawing board then.....

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      we got one with esanda finance. on temp visa, needed the deposit but we were on temp visas and husband in work nearly 3 months.

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      Thumbs down Getting finance on a car

      Hi there, i was going to start a post on here about how difficult i have found it to be given credit of any sort.
      When we arrived we spent all our savings very quickly and so ended up buying the oldest most unreliable car after we took our rented car back.

      Since then i have tried to get finance for a brand new Hyundi getz, thinking that because i was in full time employment, we would have no problem - wrong. They wont give me credit, and to insult to injury they wanted a 50% depostit from me, and when they knew i was a perm resident they though they was doing me a fvaour by telling me i only needed a 35% deposit. I went away so gutted, because in Uk i have got credit and never had any problems with getting finance.

      Next problem is, i cant even get a bank loan for a car, they wont tell me the reason due to confidentiality, its so stupid. I just hope one day soon, sooner being better as i dont know how long my old car will last, that i will be deemed credable. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

      Tracy x
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      cornish Busdriver
      I got my car from Beach Road car sale (Christies beach).
      Never had a problem with it and put just over a 70,000Km on it since i brought it last year.
      Annette there aranged finace with CMI Toyota for me with a 1k deposit after i had been working for only 3 months even though the bank said no.
      They got some great cars there and always worth a look, tell them matt with the VX belina sent ya if ya pop down for a nose.

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      No that's fine, I'd rather have a realistic view of what to expect.
      Time to grab a swagbag and rob a bank I think ;)

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      It depends what visa your on and how much money you bank.

      3 days after arriving and with only a letter of offer of employment i could get a $250K mortgage.

      Don't give in too easily.

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      Thanks Mick, I'll be on a permanent resident visa, but with no cash in the bank ;)

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      Don't worry you'll get something


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