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      Three questions about VISA 176 - Please answer

      I am a civil engineer with 115 points in hand. I did not apply for visa due to lack of 5 points.
      I am a postgraduate engineer. I got my positive skills assessment on 21 APR 2010 as a professional civil engineer.
      Now I would like to ask 3 questions:
      1- Is there any chance that with the new system I would be able to get some points for my Master's qualification?
      2- Do I need to reapply for skills assessment due to change of ASCO system to ANZCO system to get new code?
      3- Can I apply for 175 or 176 visa without having sponsor and add 10 points later by getting sponsor or IELTS higher score ?

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      Try speaking to an agent, most offer an initial free consultation with no obligation.




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