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Having a panic attack, we have booked our one way flights today (8th Sept) and i dont know if we have done the right thing.

On paper we have a good life in the uk, great family, friends, jobs, home and we are going to leave it all behind.

I have wanted to do this for many years, mainly for the kids but now they are adults and staying behind (although Mike is joining us when he gets his visa). We are going to arrive with no job, no home, no friends and not as much money as we hoped.

Please tell me you are all having these worried thoughts and it is worth it.

Seeing how upset my mum was today was awful and i know its going to get worse. There is just so much to do.

Is this normal?
SNAP....OMG you have posted exactly how we were feeling a month ago when we booked our flights. We were on a high when at last after the hardest slog in the world, we got our visa. Family & friends were so upset and then when we booked our flights we were so subdued. Exactly like you...great friends and family...not as much money as we had hoped etc etc. My husband was made redundant last year and has since started up his own business which is thriving..TYPICAL and we leave for Oz in November. Don't know anyone out there, so it will be virtually impossible for him to start up business without the contacts we have here.
I keep telling myself..worse case scenario...we hate it and come home???? Rather that than regretting not having tried it after all the money sweat and tears we put into the visa in the first place.

Hope this helps