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      rsms visa

      hi all
      have just recieved the "road map " from our agent to start the process of the rsms visa to move to south austrailia . was wondering if there is anyone else out there who have been through this process ,who i could get some advice off ??? looks like a minefield of red tape and not quite sure where to start !!! going to contact the agent on monday ,but its always useful to bend the ears of somebody who as already done it . any replies appreciated .

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      Hi Clash 123

      We are going to Adelaide via the RSMS route. OH has job with the same company he works for over here. We didn't use and agent, save the moeny for over there. Process for completing the visa forms was quite straight forward. Employer over there put in his application, the Dept. for Employment accepted his application, they sent the approval to DIMA, we sent our application in July and have now got a case office. We are going for meds tomorrow.

      Worse part was the Character forms (form 80) pain in the **** but again do-able once you got into the swing of things. Please fell free to PM us if we can be of any help. Word of advice - if you have got a job offer and the firm has approval to offer RSMS route, then go it alone, save your money as most of it is straight forward.

      Hopethat is of some help.


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