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    Thread: visa type

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      visa type

      Hi all we have visa type sub class 136 permenant what does this mean???

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      A subclass 136 visa is a skilled visa. Meaning you obtained it by getting enough points due to your occupation. It is now known as a 175 visa.
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      136 = You can travel to and from UK to Australia and live/work for 5 years in Oz. After 5 years if you have not taken citizenship and you go out of Australia for a visit to UK ( even if you own you home and working in Oz ) you have to fill in an away visa so you can re enter Oz, lasts for 3 + 6 months I think from when I asked ? then you either return or fill another away visa if you cant return to Oz by then ( if there is a problem in family or something ), but dont know how easy to re submit another form. This is the same as ours, dont know the difference between the 136 and the 175. I think the 136 changed in 2009 to another sub or all 175 ? I would like to know myself.
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      Have always wondered, duno why i wanted 2 know 2day tho. our agency has gone bust last year, used to answer all our questions. Thanku!

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      I have been told some time last year that the away visa can be completed at airports, how true I dont know ? Im sure someone on here will know the answer to that one. The 136 is for sure a visa to allow perm stay. If you find out about the away visa could you let me know. thanks

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      Yea will do! do you know wen ur going out?

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      When your current visa runs out you will need either citizenship or an RRV (resident return visa) if you want/need to leave the country.

      Five Year Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155)

      neither option is cheap as you will need Oz passports to travel if you are citizens, but as the RRV has to be renewed every 5 years...................



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