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      P&O do it we were looking at it to see if hubby could work his passage across (he is a chef) no joy tho. Looked incredible would def consider doing it

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      Thanks Stevo, a bit on the pricey side for us but as you say nice ship. Not sure the diet would be as much an issue as having to be teetotel for the 50 nights as the wine package alone would bankrupt us! Cheers for your help.

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      Thanks Rochiegarlo, we have our 10 year old daughter to consider to who likes her creature comforts don't think she could handle it. Cheers for info.

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      Thanks to the Drumms for your reply I'll have a look, as I said probably way out of reach and OH going ape with me even suggesting it but hey a girl can dream. When you guys heading out and has it been a long process? we've still alot to decide on but hope to be over by next sep.

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      Hi Diane thanks for you reply I had looked at this earlier but not sure our "princess" - 10 year old daughter could handle it. Doubt we could afford a cruise but would be willing to forgo a reccie for a six week cruise and hope that we loved Oz as much as others do who feel their reccie was a waste of money.
      Hey a girl can dream!!!

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      Thanks P & O looks just perfect just need to win the lottery this weekend and we'll be good!

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      nurse sue
      Quote Originally Posted by McManusfamily View Post
      Thanks P & O looks just perfect just need to win the lottery this weekend and we'll be good!
      if i win i will share with you and we can go

      we have relis who cruised over to the uk last year as part of their 5 yearly trip back to the uk ... they said it was the trip of a lifetime, and if they could afford it would def do it again, but prob wouldnt be able to afford it again!! (both retired teachers)


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