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      Question help mature student

      hi me and my wife and 3 kids hopefully will be going to oz soon as just sold house and we like the adelaide area are there any other mature students who have gone this way who can give me advise as we both work at moment in retail and this is our only option we understand we will have to pay school fees has any one got any idea how much ?

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      Mature Student!!!!


      I am currently over here with my husband and little girl who is 6 years old on a student visa as this was the only route in!!! Everything is going fine. Danielle is at a local school and her fees for this year were roughly $4500 with all the admin fees etc. Both myself and my husand managed to find work within 4 weeks of arriving. I am doing some telemarketing which is paying $18 per hour and my husband is doing some delivery driving. We can both only work for 20 hours a week each but seem to be managing okay. We have rented a house in Norwood which is only a few minutes from the city paying $315 per week. If you go further out its alot cheaper for bigger premises. We didn't go through an agent as found the forms ok to fill in ourself. If you need anymore info let me know and hopefully I can help. Good luck. Ally

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      Leanne & Mark
      Which one of you is the student ally?? and what are you studying?? just wondering really cos this option will be our last resort.

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      Hi Leanne and Mark
      I am the one doing the studying and doing a Diploma in Business with the hope of going onto do a degree. I hope to complete my Diploma within the year and then get a sponsor if not will carry on studying with a Degree. We came over here last year for a long holiday and loved it and this was our only option too but it is well worth it. If you need any other info let me know. kind regards Ally

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      Hi Ally,
      I would love to know more about this route, I was previously offfered this as an option but on seeking advice was told to be very carefull as it is not a permanent means of entry. Seeing as your doing and living it, could you perhaps pm me with the reality of it please? I did my Dip Man with the OU and the CIoM so I am genuinly interested in reading about your experience so far.


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