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      informal apprenticeships help???????

      Can anyone explain what an informal apprenticeship is and what you need to get one? My husband is a toolmaker and has had 17 years experience but has no papers to prove it. Help?????????????

      Really need some advice.


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      Greg went on the path of informal aprenticeship. There are no qualifications around for metal polishers so this was the only way to learn the trade as no courses available etc.

      We had to complete indepth references detailing his training over a 3 year period along with all the other usual bits for TRA. If I can help out just pm me


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      many thanks and hi. Can you give me some more info about informal apprenticeships. My husband is time served but hasn't got his papers but he has been doing his job since leaving school. It's all so complicated we thought he would be able to apply for a visa with no problems but now finding out it's not so easy. Any advice would be welcome.


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      Mark & Rachel

      We had to do this too. My oh is a welder and although he has masses of qualifications didn't do a formal apprenticeship. We originally based our TRA on experience, but they have recently removed this pathway, hence us using the informal apprenticeship route. Lisa helped me which was invaluable because at the time, I felt our dream was over.

      We've been able to arrange for one of Mark's managers to write him a reference describing his training as an informal apprenticeship so we didn't have to do a stat dec in the end.

      Hope this helps, let me know if I can do anymore. Good luck.


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