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    Thread: Where do we start!

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      Where do we start!

      Hello all

      just a few questions to ask lol

      1) migration adgent........can enyone recomend one
      2) dogs.....how do they cope with qurentine, plz recomend one
      3) frieght .....recomendations,will need to move 4 bed house + car
      4) tortoises,can they migrate with us
      5) how long normally from start to finish does a migration application take to come through
      6) taking into consideration the above what would be the rough cost of migration

      just a little unsure at the moment about the whole idea of migrating due to the complexity of it all.

      need some answers from people who are going through it or have come out of the otherside

      me and my wife both have family in adelaide and are coming over with our two children for christmas.
      this will be our secound visit and we have fell in love with the place and would very much like to live there

      thank for any replies

      Colin(35) Linda(34) Jade(14) and Oliver(8)
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      It's all overwhelming when you start. Just take one step at a time.

      2) Dogs go into quarantine for 30 days in Melbourne. We used a local Scottish company to ship her who helped with all the paperwork, injections etc. In Dec 08 it cost us £2000 to bring our mini dachshund. She lost a lot of weight but otherwise healthy when we picked her up.

      Good luck.

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      cornish Busdriver
      Gday Gilksy.
      Its very daughting when you start and im sure othere will help on here with advice as well.
      We used George Lombard as an agent and he was brill but cant remember how much he cost us.
      We brought our 2 westies with us and thing all in (vets, flights to melbourne, Melbourn to adelaide, quantine, registering the dogs with the council) was around 3.5K and worth it.
      Cost us around 3K with pickfords to move our funiture over and including delivery this end.

      hope this gives you some sort of starting point.
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      Please, please, talk to a migration agent who will give you a free inital assessment first, before you get your hopes up. It really isn't as easy to get a visa as it was even 12 months ago. I can recommend Sherie Blakesley (sherie@migratemates.com) - a UK migrant who is based in Australia (no VAT to pay and capped fees) or John Adams (www.immigration2oz.com) who is based in the UK. Both will give you good, objective and free initial advice with no obligation. You will need to give them some details about your employment and qualifications and may find there are several options or none at present. Then if you want help with the other details you may want to look at www.H2H.com.au for help with the practicalities of moving.

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      thank you all very much for info. will have to look into an agent for sure.:)

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      So far we have been using Emigrating Solutions they have been spot on so far. When ever we have had a question to ask, they have always had time to talk or get back to us.
      Paul Triggs is the name of our agent.
      Hope all goes well for you.

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      Re the tortoises you can't import them. We looked into nthis quite intensively and it would require getting a law passed which has to be approved by each state in Australia.

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      Quote Originally Posted by ade&emma View Post
      Re the tortoises you can't import them. We looked into nthis quite intensively and it would require getting a law passed which has to be approved by each state in Australia.

      thankyou...............my daughter will be gutted! lol

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      Hi there
      Roughly we will be spending around £ 15 K to get us to Australia.
      1. Agent (we used ASA consultants, Australia Immigration and Australia Visa Consultants). Spent around 4 k for agent and all the papers, 1 K for medical.
      2. First validation, air fares and accomodation in Adelaide for 1 week.£ 5 K.
      3. Removal, around £ 2 K
      4. Second flight to move for good. around £ 3 K.
      These are not including buying new stuff to move to Oz lika new teve, mattresses, and probably many more.

      Vetassess passed: 28 March 2008
      VISA 475 GRANTED: 15/05/09
      Permanent resident: Dec 2012
      Previously lived in Campbelltown, since October 2013 moved to Melbourne, but still loves Adelaide.

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      Yes can't take reptiles or budgies (unless poss the native Australian variety - apparently the UK bred ones are big bullies!).

      We had to leave our snake and budgies to good homes in the UK.


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