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      Smile Finally a case officer

      Hi everyone,

      I've been following the timescales of other members for some time now, and it seemed to come across that waiting for a case officer was going to be a long,long time. However great news I'd like to share with everybody there is a bit of light at the end of the long tunnel, yesterday 04.10.07 we have been allocated a case (yepee!:D) our visa subclass 136 was received 17.06.07. We have 70 days to provide a little extra documention and prove that we have undergone a police and medical Checks. My husband had a year over there so he has to get a police check done from oz aswell, I have downloaded the document, but has anyone eles done this?

      Hope you all have the same luck, looks like there finally doing something

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      Great news. :DIts good to know that things are progressing nicely. Don't get stressed with all the waiting. It will happen when it happens. Also I try not to look at how others are progressing as it only depresses me that others seem to sail through while we don't seem to get any closer.

      Here's a thought with all us people jumping ship how long will it be before 'case officer' appears on the modl list.

      Welcome to PIA by the way.


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      Thats fantastic news. We where given a case reference number last week, but told there could be quite a delay in getting a case officer. Also on a 136 visa, was told they are processing up to end of december 06??? Looks like we might get one a bit sooner than we had previously thought!

      Good luck with the medicals etc.


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      Brilliant news!!!!

      All the best with the meds ect


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      Thankyou i'll keep everyone posted on the the progress fingers crossed for all of us

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      Rachel & Jeff

      Excellent news for you but what about ours
      We are also applying for a 136 and on the MODL and it was receieved on 5th June.
      Hopefully our agent knows something but hasn't told us yet.



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