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      sponsoring a spouses visa

      HI, my husband is a citizen by descent and we are hoping to move with me getting a permanant spouse visa, as we are married and have dependant children. I am about to apply for a job, if I was lucky enough to get it everything could happen much sooner than we expected. Money would be tight etc. My husband said "well you go on a head and I'll stay here with the kids" apart from the fact that I wouldn't want to am I right in thinking that they would not allow this? Do spouses visas need to be validated whilst my husband is with me or in the country first as most visas require? I searched the overview of the visa but all it says is the sponsor must be a citien or a permanant resident. It doesn't say that he must be resident on Aus at the time.

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      I migrated on a spouse's visa in November 2008. Our situation was different from yours as we did not need a validation visit and both arrived together to take up residency. However, I seem to recall from information dug out while I was preparing my visa application that:
      1. validation visit. I believe that you can do this without your sponsor, as the Department of Immigration recognizes that because of family and work commitments, it may be difficult for you all to come over when really it is only one of you who has to come over.
      2. I believe that when you actually migrate, you both have to come over at the same time, because one of the conditions of the spouse visa being granted is that your sponsor agrees to support you generally, including financially and emotionally. I imagine the Department will take the view that this will not be possible unless you are both here.

      Because I cannot be sure that my replies are accurate and because you need to be sure, I would email the Department in London and ask for clarification before you start your application. They are very helpful and undertake to reply within 48 hours, or is it even 24?

      Best of luck.



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