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      London Expo 18th July

      Hi Everyone,

      I've decided to got to the London Expo, has anybody been or going? I thought for 10 it would be worth going and seeing what it is about.

      Would like to hear about experiences and if was good or more of a time waster really!

      Any comments welcome!


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      Fun day out

      My family and I went to the London Expo in March 2010. It was a good day out for us but to be fair we had done lots of research before we had gone and knew as much or more than some of the people there.

      On a personal level we did gather some info about banks, removal firms, migration experts, state government officials who looked up the info from their web sites and told us whether we could get state sponsorship or not. This is a data base of names and addresses for firms so they can contact you regarding their services. Which is in some ways great if you don't know anything about OZ or even where to start.

      If you have found Pomsinoz or pomsinadelaide then you have all the info you need from people right here and to be honest they are very helpful, informative and truthful. But if you want a day out, gather some freebies, some reading material and names of companies then go for it. You won't come back any worse off. (If its jobs, then we found it a waste of time unless you are in the medical profession.):o

      Hope this is helpful. Oh yes, if you keep an eye on the web site, ticket prices go down significantly a few days before, then go back up! If wise can get cheaper tickets!!!!!!



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